Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah Labisia pumila Extract Ingredient Manufacturer

Labisia Pumila


0.1%, 5%, 10%, 50% by HPLC;

HPLC 20: 1, 100: 1

Kacip Fatimah is a herb that grows on forest floors. The most common species normally found in Malaysia are var. Alata, var. Lanceolata dan var Pumila. Kacip Fatimah is also locally known as Selusoh Fatimah, rumput Siti Fatimah, akar Fatimah, kacit Fatimah, kacip Patimah, kunci Fatimah, pokok pinggang, rumput palis, tadah matahari, mata pelanduk rimba, bunga belungkas hutan, remoyan batu or Sangkoh.
  • Inhibiting and preventing cancer cell growth;
  • Boosting liver and skin cells' detoxifying abilities;
  • Enhancing immunity and anti-tumor activity;
  • Enhancing the ability to detoxify liver;
  • Regulation and prevention of high blood pressure, heart disease;
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