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Contract Manufacturing

Our team has helped bring hundreds of unique dietary supplement products to market.

Product Certification

Industry certifications and product testing to proved our manufacturing capabilities.

Integrated Warehousing

E-commerce fulfillment receiving and storing inventory, processing orders, pick and pack, and shipping.

Custom Formulation

Formulate new and creative ingredients in the market, according to your needs

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Private Label Nutrixworld

One StopPrivate Label Service


Private Label supplement that we create are healthy, highest in quality and unique in the food industry.

Our clients have collaborated with us on different products, including Capsule, Powder Sachet, Liquid Sachet, Liquid Bottle, Tablets, Gummy, Jelly & Gel Sachet.

We have also managed OEM Supplement projects for weight-loss biscuit, RTD drinks, freeze-dried fruits snack and healthy instant noodle.


Hand Sanitizer

It’s hard for us to control Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). What we can do is to protect our loved one with simple steps: 

  • wash hand
  • use handsanitizer when you cant access to water
  • wear 3-ply face mask 
Looking for OEM Private Label Hand Sanitizer?

Sales person serve from A to Z very kind, my repeat order was fast received - Amazing!



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